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DHgate review

| Blog | February 5, 2013

DHgate is one of the best places to purchase high quality Chinese wholesale garments, electronics, footwear, mobile phones, handbags and all other wholesale products from. Beautiful wedding gowns are also available at DHgate. In fact, DHgate has become a leading Business to business e-Commerce place of trade and it has actually revolutionized the global online market with wholesalers suppliers from China. It is the fast and the biggest online wholesale trading site especially directed to China and has been serving global medium and small businesses since the year 2004. It has more than 20 million products listed in its website and is committed to providing top quality Chinese wholesale products to its clients. It delivers products to 3 million people across 230 countries across the globe.

Review of DHgate by wholesaler directory

One of the things that have helped DHgate gain global attention is the relatively lower prices that it offers on each of its products. Retailers from all other countries can source all this products at all these prices from the Chinese sellers from this website. In fact, its large business has made it the biggest PayPal account in Asia. One of the biggest USPs of DHgate is its hassle free sourcing. International retailers, bargain sellers and resellers can make direct purchases from DHgate from the Chinese wholesalers and Chinese factories who offer a wide array of products and really lower prices. The other advantages of DHgate include excellent payment protection system, a care team for English speaking customers, a feedback system for suppliers and a great understanding of the business needs of the hour.

The functioning of DHgate is actually quite similar to that of eBay. The only difference is the Chinese suppliers rule the roost at DHgate and the products sold here are quite cheap. It has to be clearly understood that DHgate itself does not sell any products; it is the wholesalers who do it. DHgate also has seller evaluation system which is of extreme importance to the purchasers. In case of monetary transactions also DHgate works as a third party bridging the gap between the sellers and the buyers and nothing more. All in all it is a great place to purchase cheaper high quality products from. We hope you learnt a lot from our DHgat review and now see that DHgate is a very nice platform for trading with Chinese suppliers but from personal experience, please ensure you only deal with trusted supplier to keep yourself protects from scams. I will cover china scam and protection measures in a near future post since it is a major risk for online trading through websites like DHgate.

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Made-in-china.com Review

| Blog | January 24, 2013

We finally decided to complete our Made-in-China.com review to give our users better insight on the Made-in-China.com website and Chinese wholesale. Made-in-China.com is one of the largest suppliers of Chinese products across the world and is completely B2B focused. The site has managed to build a reputation for itself and is well categorized with a varied selection of products and categories, listing different Chinese suppliers under one roof. You can pick a manufacturer based on your trust or your relationship with that company. For the most part, this site looks genuine and works like any other wholesale supplier website.

made in china review


A lot of people have experienced scams as far as the Chinese wholesaler websites are concerned and they have posted various reviews to expose and destroy their scamming policy. However, there are a bunch of genuine suppliers there, which are genuine in their dealings and doing true business. But at the same time, you must be wary of those doing frauds. Regardless of whom you deal with, you must identify the wholesaler before making the actual deal.

All those companies that deal successfully in the Chinese market are the ones that have healthy and reliable dealers. These dealers can be categorized in accordance to short-term or long-term relationships. These days, it has become very risky to find trustworthy businesses in China. The only solution to save yourself from any fraud is to do the basic research before you start dealing with anyone.

Prevention is known to be better than cure. Made-in-china.com is a website that shows you the products from different manufacturers. They have a special category for the gold members, which are the top ranked wholesalers. The website has been hit a number of times with poor quality or fraudulent suppliers. Recently, they have implemented the audit process to filter the higher quality suppliers who are purely there to conduct genuine business. The site is yet to get some verification from governing bodies or Paypal, so that it can sustain itself in the market. I hope our Made-in-China.com review helps you gets a better picture on the Made-in-China.com website and its offerings, just be careful about the site as there has been many rumors on scams on the site as well so if you deal with a company ask for references and make sure they are a trusted supplier and be sure to read their reviews first too.

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Top wholesale clothing suppliers

| Blog | January 17, 2013

If you’re looking for the most dependable, or the most reliable wholesale clothing suppliers on the Internet, then you have come to the right place. Here are our picks when it comes to the top wholesale clothing suppliers online that offer great variety, professional and trustworthy services as well as affordable prices that still allow you decent profit margins 🙂

Wholesale Clothing Suppliers



The site is known for offering quality wholesale accessories and clothing at affordable prices, combined with extraordinary customer service. As one of the top online wholesale clothing suppliers, they consist of a diversified client base. Also, the site does not require a membership to make online purchases.


This online wholesale supplier has been in business for more than 20 years now. It is known for its impeccable customer service and offers different kinds of clothing supplies for men, women and kids. Cn-center.com also hosts special promotions such as scrubs, church suits and closeout deals. The best part is, the site offers free shipping on all their collections.


This is the right place if you’re looking for best wholesale clothing supplies for women and kids. It is a B2B dealer that offers some of the best clothing styles in the market, at cheaper rates. They are known to carry plus sized clothes, which are otherwise harder to find on the Internet. Besides, they are known to have the best collection for kids as well. RedTagClothing.com has a quality control team that ensures best-in-class service to all the consumers.


This wholesale clothing supplier specialized in urban clothing items for men, women and kids. They host some of the popular clothing brands including Phat Farm, Apple bottoms, Sean John, Snoop Dogg, Gino Green Global, L.E.I., Rocawear, Mudd, G-Unit, Ecko, Coogi, Makaveli, Enyce, Miskeen and many more.



WholesaleClothingApparel.com is known to have the best prices for all the wholesale clothing supplies and accessories. Whether you have a large store in a mall or a small shop in your local neighborhood, their collection will surely bring customers to your retail outlet. They work directly with the importers and the manufactures, which can give you an additional discount of 50% on the wholesale price.

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What is drop shipping?

| Blog | January 8, 2013

In this post we will cover what is drop shipping and how it works as well as how it can benefit your online business.

Drop shipping is a method of supply chain management technique where the retailer takes the payment for the order and the customer purchases the goods directly from the maker or the wholesaler.

  • Difference Between General Shipping Processes And Drop Shipping

Here the retailer acts as basically a middleman. In return, the retailer gets some commission for each order or in any other kind of arrangement which differs from one company to another. The method of drop shipping is very beneficial for small scale companies and online businesses, but companies of any type and size can take up this method of supply chain management for their profits.

  • How Does Drop Shipping Actually Work?

There is a definitive cycle in the way the whole process works-

a)      At first the customer places his or her order to the retailer.

b)      The retailer pays the wholesaler for the order.

c)      The customer gets the goods from the wholesaler directly.

d)     The retailer gets a commission from the wholesaler.

This is the simplest way to understand how the whole matter of drop shipping works.

  • Advantages Of Drop Shipping

If you are in the business sector then taking up drop shipping can be very beneficial-

a)      You reduce the risks of loss as there is no question of having excess inventory burden.

b)      You don’t have to bother about packing your material, getting, and making deliveries.

c)      The product reaches the customer directly from the manufacturer thus reducing risks of damage.

d)     No need to worry about storage facilities.

e)      You can handle more than one type and more number of products as you doesn’t have to worry about storage space, deliveries, etc; thus you get to save a lot of money and still get your hands full with more customers.

These are the main benefits of drop shipping but there’s a downside to this too.

  • Be Careful

You won’t be able to verify the goods yourself so if the goods are already damaged when they reach the customer, it’s your reputation at stake as you are the one making the deal. Delivery can be late and there is always a possibility of scams. So it’s a safe idea to always check out the manufacturer well and choose the one with a good reputation. I hope our article helped you gain a better understanding of what is drop ship and how it works. It is truly a awesome service if you not looking to hold any stock. In a next post I will list the top 10 drop ship companies that are trusted for their dropshipping services.

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What is wholesale?

| Blog | December 27, 2012

What is Wholesale


What exactly is a wholesale market and who exactly is a wholesaler?

A wholesaler is a person who essentially works as a middleman between a manufacturer and a retailer. The wholesalers purchase products from manufacturers in large quantities and at discounted prices. They then sell these products to the retailers at higher prices. Almost all manufacturers supply minimal full pallet loads, however, it is better if distributors purchases whole containers from them at a time. Hence a manufacturer manufactures the product and sells it to wholesalers at discounted prices. The wholesalers sell the products to the retailers at relatively higher prices and then the retailers sell it to the customers at market prices.

There are actually quite a few different types of wholesale markets. There is the secondary wholesale market which is commonly found in developing nations. They are usually located in cities or districts and take a huge quantity of the produce from the rural markets of the production areas. The transactions done here are usually on a much smaller scale and are usually between the producers and the traders. The secondary wholesale markets are more like permanent operations. There are also terminal wholesale markets which are situated mainly at metropolis areas. Through the terminal wholesale markets the products are channeled directly to the consumers through trade between the wholesalers and the retailers. At terminal wholesale markets, products are also assembled for the purpose of export

To become a wholesaler it is very important to possess excellent negotiation skills, this will enable you to get the products from the manufacturers at lowest possible prices. To get the best prices a wholesaler will have to resort to tactics like quantity discounts, bargaining and haggling, discounts for early payment and also purchasing one whole container. A wholesaler needs to undertake an extensive research and also evaluate all the available channels to decide about the correct purchasing of products – competition in the market and market factors play a very important role in this. Since the wholesalers work along with the manufacturers to ensure the supply of products to the retailers, they have to double up as distributors at times as well. I hope this post helped you understand what is wholesale and how wholesale works, I tried to put it in simple terms so that it is easily understandable. I hope you now understand what is wholesale and how it works to better your business knowledge and start trading as a middleman. If you looking to find a reliable supplier, checkout our full wholesale directory for top online suppliers in most product categories for free.



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Top 5 drop shipping companies

| Blog | December 11, 2012

There are loads of dropshipping companies in the world, however it can be extremely difficult to pick the one that best fits your business needs. On the other hand, selecting the best drop shipping company can highly depend in your personal tastes & preferences. However, we have picked a few of the best drop shipping companies existing today.

World Wide Brands

World Wide Brands is the leader when it comes to the drop shipping companies. Most people avoid the company because of the initial membership fee of $299. However it is a small price for the range of options available to you. The company provides you with all the tools required to function like a top business establishment. Besides, the membership comes with a money back guarantee in case if you are not satisfied with the services offered.


Doba is also one of the preferred drop shipping companies existing today. Their services are offered with a membership fee of $49.95. However it will allow you to save upon the eBay charges since the fee includes eBay integration tools. Doba is known to have the biggest product selection at an affordable price. The company has managed to achieve a strong position in the market with extraordinary customer service and 24 x 7 support.


Shopster is another popular drop shipping company. There is an annual membership fee of $349.95. However the company offers a seven-day trial period where you can try the services that best fit your needs. Shopster comes with an elaborate line of products and has demonstrated a solid track record with expedited shipping. The company closely competes with Amazon and is the best choice for all web development needs.


Salehoo is a smaller drop shipping company as compared to the other names in the list. However they are extremely competitive and have a specific number of products. The best part is that they charge a fee of $67 for a lifetime membership. It is a great company to work with, especially if you are just starting out with a retail business.

Dropshipping Wholesalers

Dropshipping Wholesalers is also one of the popular drop shipping companies in the market. While their membership fee is only $47, they offer the same services and tools like the top drop shipping companies.

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