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Made-in-china.com Review

| Blog | January 24, 2013

We finally decided to complete our Made-in-China.com review to give our users better insight on the Made-in-China.com website and Chinese wholesale. Made-in-China.com is one of the largest suppliers of Chinese products across the world and is completely B2B focused. The site has managed to build a reputation for itself and is well categorized with a varied selection of products and categories, listing different Chinese suppliers under one roof. You can pick a manufacturer based on your trust or your relationship with that company. For the most part, this site looks genuine and works like any other wholesale supplier website.

made in china review


A lot of people have experienced scams as far as the Chinese wholesaler websites are concerned and they have posted various reviews to expose and destroy their scamming policy. However, there are a bunch of genuine suppliers there, which are genuine in their dealings and doing true business. But at the same time, you must be wary of those doing frauds. Regardless of whom you deal with, you must identify the wholesaler before making the actual deal.

All those companies that deal successfully in the Chinese market are the ones that have healthy and reliable dealers. These dealers can be categorized in accordance to short-term or long-term relationships. These days, it has become very risky to find trustworthy businesses in China. The only solution to save yourself from any fraud is to do the basic research before you start dealing with anyone.

Prevention is known to be better than cure. Made-in-china.com is a website that shows you the products from different manufacturers. They have a special category for the gold members, which are the top ranked wholesalers. The website has been hit a number of times with poor quality or fraudulent suppliers. Recently, they have implemented the audit process to filter the higher quality suppliers who are purely there to conduct genuine business. The site is yet to get some verification from governing bodies or Paypal, so that it can sustain itself in the market. I hope our Made-in-China.com review helps you gets a better picture on the Made-in-China.com website and its offerings, just be careful about the site as there has been many rumors on scams on the site as well so if you deal with a company ask for references and make sure they are a trusted supplier and be sure to read their reviews first too.

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